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Dazzling smiles start with a healthy foundation, and our scale and polish cleaning at Dr Ivana Bugwandeen’s family dental practice ensures just that. It’s not just a routine procedure; it’s a refreshing spa day for your teeth!

What is a scale and polish cleaning?

This professional cleaning service is an essential part of oral hygiene aimed at removing tartar and plaque build-up that regular brushing might miss. It’s not just about aesthetics — it’s about preventing gum diseases, bad breath, and ensuring long-term dental health.

It’s advised to book a scale and polish cleaning twice a year for best results.

How does the scale and polish take place?

The scale and polish cleaning is a routine but necessary dental health procedure with two steps:

  • Scaling: This is the first step, where we use specialised tools to gently remove tartar deposits from your teeth surfaces, especially near the gum line and between the teeth.
  • Polishing: After scaling, your teeth will be polished to remove leftover stains. This step gives your teeth a smooth finish, making it harder for plaque to accumulate before your next visit.

What makes a scale and polish so important?

Brushing and flossing daily are crucial habits. Yet, they can’t always tackle every little speck of tartar or stain, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. Over time, these unattended spots can lead to cavities, gum disease, and a diminished smile. Regular cleanings help in preemptively addressing these concerns.

What does the aftercare include?

After your treatment, we advise avoiding eating and drinking for 30 minutes. Stay away from coloured drinks like coffee and red wine for a few hours, and continue your daily oral hygiene routine.

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